Monday, February 23, 2009

The Universe Hates Me...

I had the best of intentions.

Monday's are great days for starting fresh, and after a very fun weekend with my fabulous grandparents in NYC I was feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to take the world by storm.

At work I was going to be newly focused, more productive...Spend less time running from point A to point B and more time producing desired product C. I was going to charm my new boss with my wit and intellect and propose some stunning new project so innovative he couldn't help but be impressed.

In the gym I was going to...okay, fine, I was going to get IN the gym. Period. The new work/commute has thrown a wrench in my gym schedule and it's been WAY to cold to run outside. Yes I have a 10 miler coming up in a little over a month. No I have not really been training (by really, I mean at all).

I was going to go to FHE. Not gonna lie, my attendance as of late has been spotty at best. Sometimes one just gets a little overwhelmed with it all, and I've sort of been on church detox. Still attending the 3 hour block (of course, that goes without saying) but I had sort of declared a short moratorium on extraneous meetings/activities. However, I was feeling ready to jump back in the fray, and we were going to be at one of the bishopric members' houses, so it promised to be a good time.

This all would have happened, if the universe didn't hate me.

For starters, work was, well, let's just say it didn't go quite as planned and the morning was spent, well, the morning was spent not quite as I had planned.

Then, around three o'clock I felt it. That achy-neck feeling. Then came the chills. When your hands are so cold there's no possible way for you to tell if you actually have a fever, or if everything feels hot because they are like ice.

The aches kept getting worse and turned into that spine twisting "yep, you're as sick as you think" feeling and then my insides started feeling like they wanted to be on my outsides.

So I may be stubborn, but I know when I'm a danger to those around me, so I took off early and headed home. The metro ride was miserable, and there was more than one moment where I had to think to myself "am I willing to ruin this BRAND NEW purse to save the people around me from a VERY unpleasant experience?" Thankfully, I never had to answer the question in earnest.

By the time I got home I was a shivering, quivering mess. So, I piled on the flannel and sweat shirts and got in bed. And here I am...5 hours later...still sick, still with that spine twisting "your body hates you" feeling, still with the chills, and still with the, yeah...everything else...but hoping against hope that it's just a 24 hour thing and not a repeat of the crab cake debacle of three weeks ago.

On the upside...I did lose roughly 6 lbs in approximately 4 days during said debacle.

There's always a silver lining.


Rachel said...

Oh, I hope you feel better!

Lindsey and Adam said...

I hope you feel better! It sounds like you have something similar to my daughter. She has been feeling sick for the last couple days with a fever, cough and upset stomach. Hopefully yours doesn't last that long.

Mike and Emily said...

Lame, Universe! I decry your wanton misdeeds enacted upon Amanda!