Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Universe Hates Me: Part Duh...

I like to take care of my body.

I work out, I eat right, and I get enough sleep if that is humanly possible.

But, SOMETIMES you just get a craving. And I, personally, think it's okay to give in to those cravings every once in a while.

So today, when I was REALLY craving a nice, juicy burger I decided to forego my usual lunch- time salad and hit the grill. I figured I was justified...I ran 10 miles on Sunday, and had to skip lunch on I've got a few calories to spare.

So, I went to the grill. Grabbed my burger and fries and headed back to the desk, probably more excited than I should have been about a burger...especially one from the cafeteria.

When I unwrapped said burger, what I got was not the warm, juicy piece of American beef I had been hoping for...but something that looked a good deal more like a hocky puck, or a charcoal briquette, than something for actual consumption.


Fine Universe. You Win. Lesson Learned.

Dang, I hate it when you're right.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, after an overwhelming response on the hair question....

I Did It.

My hairdresser was thrilled that I was finally letting him cut it off. He skipped around the chair like a school boy...detailing every part of the cut...Kind of like when the pilot tells you how he's gonna get you where it says on your ticket on a commercial plane flight...In my head I was thinking "okay, sure...just make it look like the photo..."

Close Enough.

So, you asked for it...You got it! Here are a few pics. Don't ask my why I'm not smiling in any of them. Probably because I had to take them myself (narcissistic, I know...but no one else was around and I had been threatened with pain of death if I didn't post these ASAP) and when I smile in self-photos I look weird. So Deal.

So the question is...Does the New 'Do mean I'll be getting in New Trouble...?

I Certainly Hope So!

Stay Tuned!