Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Identifying Doug...

For those of you who read the last post, you might remember Doug, my long term, hacking, choking cough. Well, I finally broke down today and went to the doctor (after having completely lost my voice for the last two days). I did not want to go to the doctor, and I should point out that I haven't had a primary health care provider since I quit seeing my pediatrician when I was like 11, which, incidentally, was probably the last time I was sick enough to see a doctor, with the exception of a couple of bouts of strep throat in college that required a jaunt to the University's urgent care center...anyway, I digress.

The point is after two hours in a VERY depressing waiting room with no reading material except parenting magazines written by people who, from the tone of their articles, seem like they have maybe seen a child before...maybe, and another 30 minutes in a rather cold examination room sitting on that really awkward table with the butcher paper on it with only slightly more intriguing reading material--the March 2008 issue of Star Magazine (apparently Brad and Angie really are tying the knot this time!)--AND a 10 minute poking and prodding by what appeared to be a licensed health care professional named Greta, Doug and I have been diagnosed.

As it turns out, I have what appears to be Viral Bronchitis, with the option to upgrade to Pneumonia (lucky me). So, I am currently on antibiotics and some crazy cough pills that are sure to make me expel Doug and all his little minions that have taken up lodging in my respiratory tract. While I have to say I am thankful to have the illness that has been plaguing every waking moment of my existence diagnosed and prescribed to a treatment program, I was reminded today of why I hate going to the Doctor; lots of waiting, lots of sick people, and lots of time to sit and think about the things I could be doing rather than sitting around waiting for hours on end for someone to come in and tell me what I already suspected and then write me a note saying I can purchase outrageously overpriced prescription medication. Oh well, I shouldn't complain, things should start looking up, and I do have to say Greta was one of the nicest health care professionals I have had the pleasure (?) of encountering in my experiences as an ill person.

In sum, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not actually dying of death, just viral bronchitis. Thanks so much to everyone who's been concerned for my welfare and offered to help me out while I've been sick, I really appreciate it! You are all too kind.


Jane said...

"Dying of death" that possible?